Ready for Spring, this handbag is lightweight, machine-washable, with a deep pocket for your phone, a permanent key ring to keep your keys in place, and charming appliques,  Overall, a darling one-of-a-kind handbag available for purchase.  Contact admin@wellingtonrose.com. $100.00

"The Artist"

It may be your daughter, your wife, your best friend, your sister, your mother.  Whoever it is, she is creative,  Art and color are her middle names.  This handbag was made just for her.  Light-weight, energetic, bold, this handbag will catch everyone's eye.  It includes a deep back pocket for your loved one's cell phone and a key ring to keep her keys in place.  An original and one-of-a-kind for certain.  Available for purchase. Contact admin@wellingtonrose.com. $85.00


If this handbag doesn't keep you smiling, nothing will.  Ready to hold just about anything, this handbag is just waiting to be filled.  It boasts a deep pocket to carry your cell phone as well as a key ring tol hold your keys in place.  Around the town or merely to the market, you will feel positively radiant carrying a handbag full of positivity.  Available for purchase.  Contact admin@wellingtonrose.com.  $65.00 

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