6 Women. 6 Interviews. 6 Unique Handbags.



Designed for SAHM Nikki B., Nikki needed an oversized handbag for all of her practical needs, including storing her keys in one place and accommodating her reputation as being the go-to mom for emergency supplies.  She also needed a handbag where she didn't have to search at the bottom of it for her makeup.  A natural, genuine, and sensitive beauty, the fabric I chose matched Nikki's personality and style.

The "Ilona"

Needing a new handbag for the holidays, I designed a classically traditional, quality handbag to match the character and demeanor of this extremely elegant woman.

The "Debra"

She's clever, free spirited, and wise.  Debra needed versatility, character, and wild color to capture the ALL of her.

The Georgia

She is earthy, faith-filled, always growing, and ever colorful.  The perfect handbag needed to reflect all of this while keeping Georgia organized and her life, simple.   

The Andrea

She's a 70's baby.  'Green' is her passion.  She's all-natural, organic, and fun.  Andrea needed a bag that reflected this and more as she handles two kids and a burgeoning personal chef business.

The Kathy


A country girl from the get-go, Kathy needed a winter handbag that reflected her roots and love of flannel.  Comfortable, organized, improves with every wash, and oversized to carry sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves for her and her family, Kathy lives her life out of this bag.

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