Calico Bag

What is a "Calico Bag?"

A "Calico Bag" is a donated bag made specifically for a woman who is or has endured enormous hardship in her life.  It stands as a reminder of the good in others - the kindness and caring - during some of the darkest moments in a woman's life.  

We need such reminders to keep us going.  I know I did while coping with the suffering and loss of my husband to Cancer.  The many kind words and deeds of others were indispensable to my continuing on.

If you know a woman who is enduring a tremendous challenge and needs a gentle reminder that she is not alone, contact us.  Tell us her story.  We might just donate a  handbag to brighten her spirits, like this one -- our first "Calico Bag" ever gifted to a lovely woman who needed a pick-me-up during her own struggle with Cancer (she has since lost).  A dear friend of hers now has this handbag, a sentimental reminder of their lifelong friendship.

Knowing this is worth every moment of making that handbag to me.  


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