Protecting Your Loved Ones  Wisely

It All Began With Covid-19

Like many, Covid-19 caused me to sew needed face masks for my family, friends, and friends' friends.  Plenty have been donated as well in exchange for donations for "first responder" organizations, 

Involving myself in this aspect of the "good fight," I began noticing how face masks were impeding the normal flow of the grocery shopping experience.  Consumers were struggling as they tried to keep hold of a grocery bag, a handbag, an escaping phone, and a set of keys behind their face masks.  It was overwhelming, clumsy, and unsanitary.  Besides, most handbags/purses can't be washed so to bring them into stores wasn't smart. 


This juggling caused unnecessary contamination . I decided that there must be a better, more efficient, and manageable way.  So I came up with a plan -- once grocery tote to hold it all.

With two convenient compartments - the "front" to hold personal shopping necessities (money/wallet, lists, phone, keys, etc.) securely and the "back" to hold the actual groceries - consumers no longer needed to struggle.  Everything could now be found in one place, 

I paired this grocery tote with a matching face mask.  Once home and unpacked, both the grocery tote and the face mask could be thrown into the wash, sanitized,  and properly re-used.  Hassle-free and clean.  

With requests from onlookers already in-hand, I am now offering these grocery totes with matching face masks for purchase online for $75 to $95 a set. 

If interested, reach out to me below.  Availability is limited.  A portion of all sales will be donated to "first responder" organizations.  All items are "Made In America".   

Stay Safe, Healthy & Home!

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