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Natural & Delicious Probiotics 

It All Began With A Cabbage

After 53 years of suffering with expensive gut issues, I decided to turn my love for gardening and cooking into a delicious and healthy way to cultivate natural Probiotics. 

One cabbage.  One red pepper.  And one onion later (mixed with a sprig of Oregano), my penchant for fermenting began.

My mason jars have been active ever since.  Neighbors, friends, and family can't wait to get their hands on my fermented delicacies.  They add them to sandwiches.  Top their salads with them.  And eat them as side dishes with most any meal.  

And every time they do, they improve their gut health and state of mind. 

Unopened, they will outlast you.  So store them safely at room temperature and eat them when you are good n' ready.  Once opened, place them in the refrigerator for continued freshness.

Whether coping with a health issue, a stress issue or just wanting to add natural Probiotics into your diet, I can help.  Reach out to me below.